Client Questions: How Do I Optimize a Video for YouTube?

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Another great question I had the other week, so I compiled a good starting point for the top tips to optimize a YouTube video.

  • Name the video file with keywords
  • Try to make sure videos in HD
  • Limit keyword targets to 1-2 per video
  • Optimize titles, description and tag elements
    • Title tag must include main keywords
    • Description > first 2-3 lines should be descriptive and include a URL back to your site. Write a unique, keyword-rich description that includes a URL.
    • Tags: use at least 5-7 tags so you can show up in related videos

Try and include “video” in all if possible as people often include “video” in search queries

  • Transcribe the entire video into text and place in description (after URL and 2-3 line summary)
  • Giving a call to action at the end of the video for liking your video and/or subscribing to your channel
  • Increase popularity/engagement metrics around the video as much as possible > total views, # of views in past 48 hours part of ranking algorithm so as soon as the post is live, make sure you share links (to your newly published YouTube video) on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Also embed the video on your blog, and cross-promote it on other channels like email and newsletters to generate views to help boost your video’s popularity.
  • Encourage ratings and comments as much as possible, engage with comments to continue conversation/answer question/respond to potential negative comments/questions
  • Get as many inbound links to the video URL as possible
  • Surround the page hosting the video with lots of keyword relevant content
  • Watermark your videos!

Now there are many more great tips out there but always keep in mind the keyword focus to be included in both the title and first couple lines of the description.

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