The Short Story

Paul Teitelman is an acclaimed SEO expert who specializes in affordable and ethical link building & SEO services. With over 10 years of online experience helping dozens of Fortune 500 brands and hundreds of small to mid-size businesses, he has the skills and knowledge to help take your website to the top of the search engines.

The Long Story

After graduating with honours from Dalhousie with a degree in Marketing Management, Paul was eagerly looking to carve out a niche for himself in the world of Internet marketing. As a fresh-faced graduate, he walked into his very first IAB job fair convinced he would get the dream job he so badly desired. There he met his former boss, and after giving his perfected one-minute elevator pitch, the man said, “Whoa Paul, love the attitude! But do you know anything about SEO?” To which Paul responded: “Nope! But I’m your man. I’ll learn it all!” And the rest is history …

Beginning his career as one of the first dozen employees at Search Engine People (one of the very first Search Engine Marketing companies in Canada), he quickly worked his way up the ranks from being a Link Ninja to an SEO Manager. In charge of handling many of the toughest accounts and biggest brands, Paul soon became THE trusted link builder and SEO expert clients demanded. A natural leader, he helped oversee the entire SEO team and was in charge of all the hiring, training and development of the next round of link builders and SEO experts. After years of honing his SEO skills working as the lead SEO Manager at Canada’s biggest search engine optimization company, he was then recruited to work in house as a Link Building Manager at Flight Network, one of Canada’s largest online travel agencies.

Never being one to settle, he realized there was an opportunity and growing need for professional freelance search engine optimization services. He was tired of having to answer all the account manager’s questions every day as opposed to dealing directly with the clients. He figured the average business owner or marketing professional would be much happier speaking to only one contact – a true SEO expert who was both technical and great at customer service. Confident in his abilities, he started his own company and became an SEO freelancer and Internet marketing consultant. Since then he’s been able to service his growing list of clients the way he sees fit and everyone is reaping the rewards.

Paul is always up to date with ever-changing search engine algorithms. He invests heavily into quality content for his clients, and is a major advocate of transparent services and client education. He is constantly testing and trying out new link building strategies and theories across the extensive blog network that he still runs to this day. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or business opportunities you’d like to share with him by using the contact form.

Get to Know Paul

When he’s not behind his (impressive) ergonomically friendly workstation, he can be found in his music studio playing away on his beloved Gretsch drumkit, or at the local hockey rinks scoring the next big goal. He ‘bleeds blue’ for his beloved Toronto Maple Leafs (even if they have disappointed him dearly over the years) and is an avid hockey player and drummer. In the summertime he tries to take in as many concerts as possible on the weekends when he’s not up at his family cottage in Muskoka waterskiing and wakeboarding.

Paul is also very active in donating to charities that he believes in, including but not limited to: Save a Child’s Heart FoundationKids in CampThe Princess Margaret Hospital FoundationThe BayCrest Centre FoundationMovemberWorld Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) & The Nature Conservancy.

A profound believer in the law of attraction, positive energy and karma – he truly does care about every single project he takes on and building a relationship with all of his clients.

So whether you are looking for professional link building services or an SEO expert to advise on your latest projects, you can trust that Paul and his team can deliver phenomenal results for your business. His dedication and integrity are highly appreciated by his growing list of clients, and have helped him carve out a reputation for himself in the industry.

For a more detailed quote on any of the services provided, please use the contact form to get in touch with Paul directly.

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