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Generating strong organic search volume for a franchise is more than helpful – it might just be the factor that determines the long-term success of the franchise.  A franchise that is not benefiting from strong organic search scores should seek the advice of an SEO consulting service.  An SEO consulting service will quickly analyze the performance and find innovative ways to improve organic ranking without making any changes to the branded image or digital media approach whatsoever.  The benefit of franchise SEO consulting services is that the branch will generate more local traffic (both on foot and online) without having to spend exorbitant fees on PPC advertising.

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The Insights on Franchise SEO Services

Franchise SEO is a challenging pursuit that cannot be taken lightly.   The unique aspect of franchise SEO work is that it must be incredibly localized, while at the same time remain connected to the national company.  A franchise usually exists in one region of the country and is responsible for attracting consistent local interest.  From an SEO perspective, that means keyword terms and long-tail keyword phrases must be extremely localized, reflecting the search queries of people in one particular region only.  This kind of approach will bring in good quality traffic, because people searching in a localized region are already interested in what the franchise has to offer.

There are many other franchise SEO techniques that can draw organic traffic – but only if the fundamentals are in place first.  Often times the franchise will not even have their own site, preferring instead to update a page on the national companies site.  From an SEO perspective this is harmful and makes it near impossible to target local search queries.  So the first step is to use a subdomain and create an individual site for the franchise.

The Insights on Franchise SEO Consulting

Franchise SEO consulting is geared towards isolating and removing problem areas in the existing approach that are having a negative impact on organic ranking.  An SEO consultant will be able to provide actionable insight to a franchise owner no matter what their current organic ranking is.  The SEO consultant will look at all features of the franchise site, including the infrastructure of all the pages, the target keywords and how they are performing, the publishing calendar and the quality of content, we well as any existing link building strategies.  They will then recommend a number of steps to improve SEO on the site and may even give an estimate of the kind of revenue growth these changes will generate.

Franchise SEO Consulting Services

From an operational perspective, franchise SEO services are no different than the standard array of services offered to any business.  The full range of services includes the following:
  1. Keyword Research Strategy Report and Analysis. This is when the framework for the sites content is developed.  A list of keywords will be made by the SEO analyst that must be followed by the franchise owner if success is to be achieved. The list will change month to month, and fresh content should be produced that follows these changes.
  2. Content Mapping. A franchise that offers many different services should have a page for each service along with content describing it. The content should include keywords assigned to it.
  3. On Page Optimization. Standard SEO practice is to optimize title tags, meta descriptions, alt image tags, and other technicalities for each page.
  4. Link Building. Generating niche recognition is usually done by strategic back linking.  The SEO analyst will have a number of creative strategies for getting high quality backlinks bring people to the franchise site.
These four SEO services will make a big difference in organic traffic results for any franchise, no matter the size or industry.

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