Enterprise SEO Consulting

No matter the size of your enterprise, SEO is a vital tool that can generate success in your niche. Achieving success in your niche means having a website that can generate a high volume of organic traffic that is relevant to the product or service you offer.

A high volume of traffic is one aspect of SEO, and it is an important part of enterprise SEO concerns.  Generating high volume can be done via Google Adwords or expensive Facebook ad campaigns.  The numbers might be impressive, but what is the ROI?  Probably not so good.  That is the problem with generating high volume without a specific focus: it does not usually generate the kind of increase in sales required for an enterprise.

High volume of traffic that is relevant to your niche is an entirely different story.  This is where the value of enterprise SEO work comes in.  If your enterprise is spending lots of money on digital advertising without generating optimal growth, it’s time to consider SEO Consulting or SEO Services from an SEO expert like Paul Teitelman.

Enterprise SEO Strategy

Enterprise SEO refers to the specific tasks of analyzing the SEO performance of a particular segment of a company’s site.  As organic traffic accounts for 94% of all click-through rates for online shoppers, enterprises have a lot to lose if their organic search ranking is not consistently strong.  Whether the enterprise is in the Fortune 1000 or is operating at a similar size, enterprise SEO is based on the isolation of tasks and the synthesis of different components of the same channel into one overarching report.  The role of an enterprise SEO includes some standard tasks, in particular the analysis of keyword search and the optimization of on page features.  The SEO analyst is then responsible for reporting to a marketing manager, or a digital marketing director, who is in charge of all the different channels.

Enterprise SEO Consulting

Enterprise SEO consulting services can help synthesis data and analysis into an actionable plan.  It is a great option for an enterprise that might not be taking full advantage of their organic channels.  An enterprise SEO consultant will be able to bring the full picture to bear on the operations of the enterprise.  It can be hard for in-house SEO managers to interpret their performance compared to competitors – but even a slight slip up in month-to-month ranking makes a huge difference in revenue.  An enterprise SEO consultant can provide an assessment of where the holes are in the SEO approach and the techniques required to fill those holes.

Enterprise SEO Services

Enterprise SEO services include a comprehensive approach to all aspect of site performance.  The full range of services can be broken down into four stages.

  1. Keyword Research Strategy Report and Analysis. The report will illustrate which keywords need to be targeted better, and which keywords are not pulling their weight and should be replaced.
  2. Content Mapping. The keywords need to be broken down and each targeted to a specific page.  The most popular terms are usually applied to the homepage, while more niche terms get applied to their own specific page.
  3. On Page Optimization. The next step is all about technicalities.  Each page must be structured correctly to drive the keywords that have been chosen.  Structural components include: title tags, header tags, metal descriptions, alt tags on images, and more.
  4. Link Building. Generating authentic links with authoritative sites takes time and requires quality content.  If the link building is not done properly then ranking will certainly suffer.

Given the general size and scope of an enterprise, it’s to be expected that fresh content will be added on a regular basis.  This is beneficial from an SEO services perspective, because while Google bots begin to crawl and categorize the new content, the SEO manager can go about optimizing on-page elements so that when the bots have categorized the content it is already optimized. Benefitting from an expert SEO service should make the difference between your franchise ranking on the first page of Google searches for each keyword, or wallowing in obscurity on the second page.

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