Page Speed Optimization is Necessary for a Successful SEO Campaign

In 2021 page speed will officially become a ranking signal that will directly affect your SEO efforts. The metrics that will determine your website’s performance will be called Core Web Vitals. They will work with various other variables to determine how your website ranks in Google’s search results. Due to this change, site speed is now integral to your overall SEO strategy. 

What is Page Speed Optimization?

When a visitor clicks on your website from search results or other sources the browser fires a chain of commands to show that web page. Once the browser resolves the IP address associated with the link it then begins to populate screen with the content contained within that page such as text, images and whatever else resides on the page. The visitor will likely see a white screen while the browser works in the back-end to gather all the content and style it to show the page exactly how you laid it out. How quickly the visitor sees all this content laid out properly depends on your site speed, and that is where site speed optimization comes into play. 

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Numerous studies have been done for years now which concluded that users will leave your website or have a lower chance of converting if the website takes too long to load. Google recently became serious about this as it relates to providing a good user experience, so in 2020 they announced that by 2021 page speed will officially become a ranking signal.

More than half of the world’s web traffic is now coming from mobile devices. Google’s research shows that the average webpage takes 15 seconds to load. This long of a wait time is detrimental to user experience, especially when Google found that more than 50% of visitors abandon a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load

The visitors who exit are likely going to the next best result and giving their business to the faster loading websites. This results in loss of leads and revenue for those who have slow loading webpages.

Our speed optimization process helps your website load quicker so people are less likely to leave. According to another study done by Think with Google, mobile sites that load in 5 seconds or less earn up to 2x more mobile ad revenue than those that load in 19 seconds, so this reinforces the fact that people are likely going to leave the page if it takes too long to load.

As an SEO consultant I’ve worked with my team to make page speed optimization part of our core SEO campaign strategy. Our speed optimization process has delivered excellent results for our clients and we are already seeing improvements in rankings. Check your website’s site speed with GTMetrix today.

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Page Speed Optimization Results

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After Site Speed Optimization - Site 3

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Professional Site Speed Optimization

If site speed optimization feels overwhelming and complicated then you aren't the first person to feel that. We've spent countless hours testing to come up with a speed optimization process that provides excellent results. Our process ensures that your pages load as fast as possible so that users get the best experience. Not to mention that it helps increase revenue as people are less likely going to leave or bounce because of slow loading pages.

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