How to Consistently Generate Blog Topic Ideas for Your SEO Campaign

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The business of building an audience for your website comes down to the SEO practices you use in creating and maintaining the site. One of the most powerful practices is to produce a steady stream of useful content that gets read, shared, commented on, and linked to by a wide cross-section of your intended audience.

That’s the kind of content search engines notice. That’s what gets your web page climbing the search engine results and leads eventually to the top of the rankings if you can keep the quality content stream going. But that is where you can run into a problem.

Not All Content Is Created Equal

When you first start to write about your business, your industry, and the news and personalities that make it so interesting, stories are easy to come up with on a regular basis. But after the best material has been covered, and the news cycle hits a lull, many a content marketer runs up against a brick wall, or blank page in this case, and can’t find a topic that seems worth talking about.

Some niches have a natural tendency to turn over fertile topic material regularly, like fashion where seasonal lines are changing throughout the year. Others, like new car manufacturers, have less seasonality and operate on more of an annual cycle of product turnover, which can make new topics more difficult to find as the year rolls on.

In either case, trying to stretch a thin idea to cover a decent blog post can feel like a futile task, and rising frustration only makes matters worse. But fortunately content writers and online marketers don’t have to suffer and struggle alone any more.

Blog Topic Keywords For SEO Content Marketers

There are great resources available for the topic-challenged writer. Some of our favorite tools and resources are summarized in the short list below, and other similar resources are available online as well.

  • Google Keyword Planner: free AdWords tool for finding search popularity of keywords relevant to a business product or service. Suggests additional similar keywords and provides stats related to historical search volume for suggested terms. Popular alternate search terms can point to topics that would be of interest to a wide audience.
  • SEMRush: most popular and powerful paid research tool to assess any website (including competitors) for keyword popularity and PPC stats. Uncovers trending topics and stats to show which content is getting the most engagement. Tracks audience sources, shares, backlinks, most effective channels. Serious SEO for serious content production programs.
  • UberSuggest: free keyword analysis tool that provides deep lists of suggested alternate keywords to generate topic ideas for related content. Also shows who is running PPC ads on keywords, even reveals the ad copy they use, giving more content related prompt material.
  • Ahrefs: paid service that offers keyword research with expanded range of suggested alternate topic ideas. Includes content ranking tool that lists most popular articles with performance stats for social shares, organic search traffic, and referring backlinks.

And if you still have a gap in ideas for new, compelling content, here’s a handy tool where you can plug in some basic ideas and get a quick list of headline format topic suggestions.

Turn Keywords Into Topics Through Audience Filters

When your content is good, it will sound to the audience like a conversation they are having with themselves. They will hear some of their own ideas and questions expressed back to them.

At its best, your writing will echo the voice of your audience channeling through you. That’s why some of the best blog topics come from customer questions or customer experiences in using your products or competing products.

Similarly, a constantly recurring FAQ from prospective clients may point to a topic that will be highly useful by answering a question that is current and widespread. Often, this will provide a unique and fresh insight that resonates with similar readers and generates highly engaging blog content.

When Good Content Goes Viral

Those are exactly the kinds of conditions that can make a timely blog post go viral. And that’s the kind of result that sends SEO rankings skyrocketing and drives traffic to your page with exponential growth.

That’s the kind of SEO content upgrade Paul Teitelman has been delivering to his satisfied clients for over ten years. Get in touch today for a quick, free consultation and see what a fresh stream of clear, well-focused content can do for your business story.

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