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Very proud to share some recent blogposts that I’ve written and got published on other major SEO and digital marketing blogs recently. Great to connect with these publications/companies and spread some of my SEO knowledge across the web!

First we have a great post about “How to Monitor Your Backlinks” that was published over at You can check it out by clicking here. As I mentioned in the post, its critical that you monitor your inbound links and always understand your backlink portfolio. On this post I explain the 7 key tips to monitoring your backlink portfolio:

1. Learn where your links are coming from
2. Determine the authority of the sites linking to you
3. Monitor your link velocity
4. Pay attention to the number of dofollow vs nofollow links
5. See which pages your backlinks are pointing to
6. Optimize your anchor text
7. Add backlink monitoring to your SEO routine

Check out the post for more details.

Next up we have a post about ‘6 Tips for SEO Image Optimization’ that was published over at You can check it out by clicking here. On this post I give some great insights on tips on how to go about optimizing your images for SEO:

1. Use unique images that are page-relevant
2. Use the highest quality format possible
3. Reduce the size of your image file
4. Organize multiple images for optimum viewing
5. Include a concise caption with your image
6. Utilize the “Alt Text” to maximize accessibility

Check out the post for more details.

Last but not least got a quick mention on a blogpost over at One of the original ‘make money online’ blogs with a ton of age and authority. You can check out the post by clicking here.

Happy to spread some honest SEO tips and insights from a humble SEO and link building expert here in Toronto. For more information about anything I discussed on the blogs I’ve shared, feel free to get in touch and book a free consultation today!


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