Five Tips for Surviving as a New Blogger

First off, wanted to wish all my readers, clients, friends and anyone else visiting my site Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and all the very best for 2013!

In light of my long overdue return to the world of blogging, I felt it would be appropriate to share a few tips for surviving as a new blogger.

If you listen to certain veterans of Internet marketing, you’re bound to hear them bring up the idea that making money online is dead, or at least dying. It’s a saturated market, they say, and too crowded for new voices to reach an audience. This belief could not be further from the truth. In reality, the days of cheating the system are over, and those who cannot adapt are being left behind. These are the five steps to successful blogging in the new world of Internet marketing.

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Stay Active

Blogs tend to have a clear trajectory. The first few months are a flurry of activity and posts as the owner starts off enthusiastically. Then the blogger begins missing a post here and there, until it’s down to one post a month. Sometimes, the blog is lucky enough to reach some success before hitting this wall, but more often it just fades away into the dark corners of the Web. Prevent this fate by staying disciplined and adhering to a strict posting schedule.

Branch Out

Another major mistake people tend to make is to fixate on one particular income or traffic method and then declare failure when it doesn’t work out. Sticking to a strategy is important, but knowing when to move on from a stagnant business idea is even more critical. Explore many different options so that you always have a backup plan, and never put all of your eggs in one basket.

Follow Your Passion

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The most lucrative topics online are often the most boring. Few people really enjoy discussing the obscure symptoms of a disease, the details of the legal code or the finer points of an insurance policy. And yet, again and again, new marketers dive into these niches after seeing the current advertising rates. Don’t try to be an expert in something you have never cared about. It’s blatantly obvious to most readers, and they end up going elsewhere for a professional opinion. Instead, stick to your career, hobbies and interests. A passionate advocate for raising rabbits will earn more than a lackluster legal blogger.

Balance SEO and Aesthetics

Think of your blog as a digital storefront. No one wants to spend time in a building with cracked windows and graffiti, and a blog is no different. Settle on a clean, attractive design with easy navigation and few frills. Above all else, ensure that everything works and no error messages are present. Over-optimization is looked upon with disfavour by both Google and the viewing public, so keep your SEO in check and adhere to best practices.

Build a Community

Finally, no one wants to shout into an echo chamber for the entirety of his or her blogging career. Don’t see other bloggers in your niche as competitors: They are potential allies who can bring in new readers and possibly even collaborate for mutual benefit. Respond to comments and bring up the kinds of topics that stir debate and create strong opinions in your community. Word of mouth and referral traffic is just as important as SEO when it comes to building a blog that lasts for years.

Above and beyond these good tips, be sure to stay active on the social media front and always be link building and connecting with other like minded bloggers as well!

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Paul Teitelman - SEO Consultant

Paul is a well-respected Canadian SEO consultant and link-building expert with over 15 years of experience helping hundreds of companies rank for competitive keywords on Google. He is a Toronto-based SEO consultant who is passionate about search engine optimization and link building. Over the years, he has made a reputation for himself as a leader in the industry by consistently delivering phenomenal results to his growing client base.