Google Now Offering Free Websites to Canadian Businesses

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Earlier today a press release went out announcing that Google is now offering free websites to Canadian businesses as part of their “Get Your Business Online” program, you can check out the full release here. The most interesting stat from the release isn’t really shocking when you consider it: “According to Google estimates, as many as 1.2 million businesses in Canada do not have a website because they see it as too costly, too complicated, not necessary, or all three.” So basically they want to ease the process of setting up a website and as a result they’re going to offer it for free – pretty awesome if you ask me. After that I’m sure they’ll be offering tips on how to set up a solid AdWords program so that eventually they can get these businesses into advertising online – which I have absolutely no problem with.

If anything this is exciting news for SEO companies and professionals in Canada as more and more Canadian business owners will be taking their businesses online and will need help in order to get the most potential business off the web. Google’s free website program will get the business owner excited and once they set up their AdWords account they will start to realize that they’ve probably been missing out on a massive stream of business for however long they’ve hesitated taking their business online. Then they’ll eventually need to do more online marketing than just AdWords and will try to find a cost effective way to make the most out of SEO. Since they haven’t invested thousands of dollars into a website they should be better off and more financially prepared to make an investment into both SEO and AdWords respectively. Any business owner must be extremely excited about this announcement today but web designers everywhere must be shaking as the web services offered by Yola are actually pretty decent and looks like they also have the ability and resources to help customize your site and handle the build for a few extra bucks.

The fact that this program is also sponsored by RBC, Rogers, Globe and Mail and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce indicates that this program isn’t going to stop any time soon. Between this announcement and the constant advertisements for the Yellow Pages 360 web advertising platform the awareness of internet marketing services in Canada has never been higher – definitely exciting times for all!

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