Internet Marketing Lead Generation EcoSystem Infographic

When you’re running an SEO or some other type of lead generation campaign, you quickly learn one thing: It’s a lot more complicated than meets the eye.

The Lead Generation Ecosystem infographic by Straight North is a fantastic training tool to help staffers visualize the confusing terrain of online marketing.  With respect to SEO, there are a few things in the infographic you may want to ponder in particular:

In the COMPANY WEBSITE hexagon, you see a number of different content types. How many are you using on a weekly basis? Google loves long-form content (case studies, white papers, research reports, etc.) so supplementing concise product/service pages with more detailed content can help lift the authority of your entire domain.

In the third row from the bottom, take note of the LEAD VALIDATION hexagon. Lead validation is the manual process of separating sales leads from non-lead conversions. Without validating, you’re relying on inflated and inaccurate conversion data to evaluate the SEO campaign, and more importantly, to evaluate test results. As a result, testing based on hard lead data results in far more efficient testing.

Hopefully, the infographic can serve as a model to spot gaps in your campaign, or as the basis of internal discussions next time your marketing team gets together. Review it now below!


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Paul Teitelman - SEO Consultant

Paul is a well-respected Canadian SEO consultant and link-building expert with over 15 years of experience helping hundreds of companies rank for competitive keywords on Google. He is a Toronto-based SEO consultant who is passionate about search engine optimization and link building. Over the years, he has made a reputation for himself as a leader in the industry by consistently delivering phenomenal results to his growing client base.