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Brief History and SEO Insights

With over 4 years of experience I’ve had the opportunity to optimize hundreds of websites and achieve great rankings for clients across many different verticals and niches. I’ve successfully executed SEO and link building campaigns for some of the largest brands & Fortune 500 companies, while also servicing small to mid size businesses just as well. Throughout my years I’ve been able to achieve first page (and hundreds of #1 positions) results for extremely competitive keywords on both and, but can’t disclose specific results or clients publicly.

My philosophy about search engine optimization and link building is pretty simple, the key to any successful SEO program is based on a multitude of factors, but at the end of the day it always comes down to a combination of two major components.

The first is on page optimization, so basic techniques like making sure you have the proper keywords in the title tags, meta descriptions, page content and other places. There’s some other additional strategies you can use but at the end of the day on page optimization, which really only accounts for about 25% – 30% of the entire search engine ranking algorithm, will initially set your site up for success in the search engine rankings, but the key component that is going to get your site to rank above others site (who are just as well optimized from an on page perspective) is an effective link building program.

Link building is the process of building backlinks (or inbound links) from other authoritative sites such as blogs, article sites, directories, forums, video sharing sites, etc. etc. Each backlink kind of gets recognized as a vote of popularity in the eyes of the search engines, and each is weighed differently according to a long list of metrics that make up Google’s ranking algorithm. So the more authoritative, niche relevant backlinks you build over time which focus on promoting both your targeted keywords as well as your corporate or business brand, the higher you will in turn rank for the keywords you are targeting with your SEO/link building campaign.


Let me start off by saying I absolutely love link building and am extremely passionate about my profession as an SEO freelancer. The search engines are always changing and link building is constantly evolving so it’s an exciting time to be part of such a booming industry. I specialize in offering affordable and highly efficient SEO and link building services. I’ve explained my four step SEO process; in an old post but the process still holds true. It’s all about targeting keywords with significant search volumes related to the client’s business or service, and then executing an effective SEO program which consists of a combination of on-page optimization and monthly link building services.

My SEO services are individually priced for each client based on the number and competitiveness of the project’s keywords, and I try to tailor my packages in order to deliver affordable, cost effective SEO campaigns. With my years of link building experience I’m able to implement a strong link building program for clients in ANY niche on both and

The best part? You are not only dealing with a true SEO and marketing professional who understands that SEO is a very powerful way to drive significant traffic and leads to a business, but you are talking directly to the guy who will be implementing the actual campaign. So you never have to deal with pushy sales reps or account managers who have never even done any link building at all.

I offer my SEO freelance consulting services directly to clients, so if you are a business owner or marketing manager and want to find out how I can help to get your company found online use my contact form and get in touch with me.

I also offer SEO and link building services to a few large digital agencies and search companies across Canada and the United States as a behind the scenes link builder & SEO consultant. Some of the services I’ve provided include in-depth keyword research and competitive analysis, backlink analysis, general SEO consulting, on-page optimization and link building of course. Reports on keyword rankings and key performance indicators can easily be re-labeled for use by agencies or companies, and my services for SEO and the monthly link building execution are marked up at the discretion of the agency or company. If you are a representative of a digital agency or web company and would like more information on my services please use my contact form and get in touch with me.


Please feel free to contact me or give me call at 647-448-4449 if you have any questions about your current SEO campaigns or would like to find out more information on any of my services and how I can help your business/client to achieve the highest possible rankings on the search engines!

About the Author

Paul Teitelman - SEO Consultant

Paul is a well-respected Canadian SEO consultant and link-building expert with over 15 years of experience helping hundreds of companies rank for competitive keywords on Google. He is a Toronto-based SEO consultant who is passionate about search engine optimization and link building. Over the years, he has made a reputation for himself as a leader in the industry by consistently delivering phenomenal results to his growing client base.