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Do you have the best SEO consultant on your team? If your business or client isn’t getting the maximum exposure you feel it deserves from the search engines, then you should reach out today and find out how we can take your SEO campaign(s) to the next level. Paul has the experience that counts and has literally worked with thousands of small to mid-size businesses over his years. He always stays on top of the latest search engine algorithm changes and truly enjoys being a highly regarded search engine optimization consultant.

He has current working relationships with a few large digital agencies across North America as the point of contact for anything SEO related, and has done numerous SEO consulting projects for top Fortune 500 brands. When looking for top-notch SEO consulting services, be sure to reach out today for a free consultation.

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What Is An SEO Consultant?

An SEO consultant is an expert in search engine optimization, or the methods that improve a page’s ranking on Google and similar sites. When a person enters a specific string of keywords into a search engine, it is SEO that determines which pages pop up first and which are obscured. Since most users only examine the first few results, these rankings are of critical importance. There are many strategies, both small and large, that improve how Google sees a page. An SEO consultant understands the fundamental building blocks of optimization regarding both on-page factors as well as off-page factors, and knows how to apply them most effectively for every individual client.

What Services Do SEO Consultants Provide?

SEO consultants may take on many duties, depending on when they are hired. The first priority in a new website is to start producing content to fill pages and give both visitors and search engine indexing bots something to read. This is also the time to work on on-site SEO—things like title tags, URL optimization, site architecture, meta tags, internal linking and keyword distribution. Keywords are the words that users put into Google, such as “personal injury lawyer Toronto,” to find information. An SEO consultant will then analyze the popularity of relevant keywords to determine which queries to target and then subtly integrate them into a page. They may establish a blog on the site to continue posting fresh and insightful content.

Once the pages are complete, consultants turn to off-site SEO. This is primarily composed of building back-links, which establish credibility by proving that other websites find your content worth sharing. This requires making connections with some of the top blogs in a particular niche, as well as supplying guest posts and comments that meet their standards. An SEO consultant can also help submit information to business directories and create a presence on social media platforms like Facebook to make it easier to connect with customers.

There are many ways to practice SEO, and some are faster than others. The fastest, however, also tend to be unethical and are likely to be punished in future search engine updates. That’s why it’s of crucial importance to choose an SEO consultant who uses proven, responsible methods to get sustainable results.

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Get Help With Managing a Business Online!

Finally, when everything is running smoothly, an SEO consultant can train you or an employee to continue your SEO campaign over the long term. There is plenty to learn, and the field seems to change with every month, but a good consultant is always available to offer advice and run a quick refresher on existing pages. With so much else to worry about when managing a blog or company, it is often wise to delegate unfamiliar or time-consuming tasks to an expert. In the case of bringing a business online, an SEO consultant may mean the difference between wild success and wasted effort.

Every business needs publicity to survive. Whether that comes through word of mouth, paid advertising or even mailers and pamphlets, every effort to bring in new customers is worth some investment. With the rise of the Internet, businesses now have access to what is potentially the greatest marketing platform ever invented. Besides reaching a local audience, the Web also provides the potential to reach millions on a global level. Whatever your scale, the same rules of visibility apply online as they do in a brick-and-mortar setting. Hiring an SEO consultant can help bring readers to a website, but few people really understand what consultants do and how they are an essential part of almost every advertising budget.

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