SEO Explained in Under 300 Words to a Client

Been forever since I posted so figured I’d get a head start on the New Years Resolution of finally getting around to adding more content on my site. Kind of ironic how I preach content to all my clients (and actively help them create blogs and awesome viral content) and I don’t even have the time to blog on my own site…. Well, like I’ve said since I started in this industry > I don’t get paid to blog!! Hence, I focus my efforts and time on my clients and making sure they are taken care of first and foremost.

Anyways, had a client request to help him explain SEO and link building to his partners as part of their year end meeting; so I quickly explained SEO and link building in under 300 words as simply as I could and I think it turned out pretty good (and so did he!).

“For over the past year we have actively been engaging in SEO (search engine optimization) and link building. First, we optimized the site by adding targeted keywords to important on-page factors (e.g. title tag, meta description, content) and also building out specific sub-pages for all of our main geo-targeted cities. We ensured all the pages have unique, quality content and also created a blog section where we can post fresh content for the search engines.

Each month, we actively engage in link building – which is the process of getting other websites to link to our website in order to improve our overall ranking in the organic search engine positions. Each month we get high quality and niche relevant ‘backlinks’ from authoritative sites through various link building strategies. This process helps us to rank high on the search engines for all our different targeted keywords. The main link building strategies performed each month are:

• Article submissions – creating quality content and submitting the articles to article directories, which then in turn link back to our site
• Directory submissions – getting listed in authoritative web directories (kind of like the Yellow Pages but more for search engine/link building purposes)
• Guest blog posting – we find niche relevant business sites and blogs and work with the owner to feature content that then links back to our site

Continuous link building is very important, as it’s the driving factor that determines the SEO positions on Google; (the more quality links you have the more authoritative your site is and the higher you rank) so the above strategies are very indicative of how we perform on the search engines.”

Now I know those are just three link building strategies, but those are the easiest for clients to understand so I only mentioned those ones. Wasn’t going to start confusing them with strategies like social media bookmarking & infographics so I kept it short and sweet.

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