Toronto SEO Consultant Busy at Work!

Nighttime shot of a brown buildiung with streaking car lights

No blogposts in almost an entire year… what a bad SEO consultant you are Paul 🙂

Kind of ironic because with every single one of my clients we have a thorough blogging and SEO content strategy in place that delivers incredible results time and time again. On top of that my full time, in-house Toronto based SEO content team is always ready to help out if I were to ask them to produce some engaging SEO content for my blog. Like I always tell my clients or potential ones: “I don’t get paid to blog on my own site”. Clients always come first and I plan on keeping it that way.

That being said, just wanted to take a quick second to reiterate that this Toronto SEO consultant is BUSY AT WORK delivering phenomenal results! It’s been an amazing year working with an increasing amount of clients and I’m extremely excited for the last month of yet another very successful year. Big things in store for 2015!