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Nowhere is this phenomenon more powerful than in the online world of internet commerce. Even the biggest companies are challenged by the swift and severe disruptions to the status quo that flow from the endless onslaught of digital innovation and online competition.

The Internet of Things only makes the effect more widespread, as everything from cars to refrigerators to personal wearables offers a way to connect consumers with information, products and services.

Fortunately, in this fast-moving landscape where the scenery is constantly changing, some well-informed gurus make it their business to understand and explain what all these changes mean to the rest of the world. For people already busy doing what they do, this filtering and interpreting helps to provide a clear view of the internal workings of online technology.

Here’s a small sample and summary of some well-known internet pundits. Their findings and forecasts offer practical guidance in specific ways to respond effectively and adapt to the new realities of commerce, customer service, and business communications. Using these guidelines will help you formulate your own responses to the ongoing challenges of this brave new world.

1. Mary Meeker Always Makes an Impression

One of the most successful and well-respected internet interpreters is Mary Meeker of venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. For 22 years now, Meeker has produced a definitive annual status report on global developments in internet technology and related consumer behaviour.

Industry insiders, developers, investors, and marketers eagerly await this report. After Meeker’s annual presentation, the results are thoroughly dissected and evaluated by everybody in the industry, and then widely reported and discussed in the world at large. In this way, it serves as a foundation for innovations and resource allocations in the coming year.

Here’s one example, as reported in Skyword’s online newsletter ContentStandard, featuring 5 marketing transformation predictions based on Meeker’s 355-slide presentation of the 2017 Internet Trends report. It’s generally more practical to review action-oriented articles like this one about the report, because the original report is heavy with data and very concise in its commentary.

2. The Moz Blog: Funny Name, Serious SEO

Another go-to standard source for industry insiders and serious DIY SEOs alike is the website, the brainchild of Rand Fishkin. There is enough detailed, in-depth coverage here to get thoroughly lost in the most comprehensive and current online issues and methods related to all things SEO.

If, however, you have a commitment to doing or at least understanding your own SEO, you can find hundreds of how-to articles here. Topics cover everything from developing an SEO strategy to driving local foot traffic through the front door of your store.

3. Search Engine Journal Covers All the Angles

Founded by Loren Baker, the Search Engine Journal covers all the breaking news and established trends in the business of search-based digital marketing, content marketing, SEO, and paid search.

Topics range from examining how social insights can be channeled to improve brand content development, to overarching strategies that can help make all your content more effective to engage customers.

4. Search Engine Land Keeps SEM Grounded

For a further emphasis on the marketing aspects of search, and digital marketing in all forms and across all platforms, Search Engine Land offers comprehensive, high quality coverage.

Started by search optimization pioneers Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman, this deep resource pays special attention to search engine technology innovation. From algorithm changes in Google to Microsoft’s updates of Bing, search refinement is one of the leading change agents in the online world.

5. Paul Teitelman: SEO Expertise Comes Right to Your Door

While there is definitely some overlap among the sources identified here, it is useful to find more than one perspective on these critical contemporary business issues. Here at our blog and content pages offer practical how-to tips, top tactics and essential strategies.

Success in the commercial world depends on mastery of these technologies and techniques. In the end, the best bet for most business owners is to be well informed, and leave the leg work to an experienced, highly recommended, results-oriented expert in SEO strategy and implementation.

Even if you have in-house resources to maintain the ongoing workload, we can help them stay focused on the right efforts and tools to get the business results you need. Call or email Paul, or connect on LinkedIn, and start with a quick, free consultation to see what we can help you achieve.

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