Is Outsourcing Your Blog a Good Idea?

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Blogging is one of the best ways to market and promote your brand, but it’s not easy! A successful blog takes a steady commitment of time, resources, and expertise.  If you own your own business, how do you fit in the time?

Writing, researching, editing, formatting, and publishing a blog article that inspires reader engagement is a challenge for even the most experienced bloggers. Sourcing images, choosing topics, custom info-graphics, and research data can enhance your blog article, but do you have the time each week?

Even after you publish your article, there are literally dozens of other minor tasks you’ll need to attend to if you want your article to actually circulate, build followers and convert readers into subscribers. Responding to comments, sharing on social media, connecting with other businesses, as well as monitoring your content for better SEO, can quickly get overwhelming if you’re publishing consistently.

Outsourcing content creation for your blog can be a viable, practical solution for several reasons.  Whether you decide on a ghost writer who can convey your expertise, or guest bloggers to supplement your own writing, you’ll want to consider the impact outsourcing will have on your brand as well as your budget.

Bloggers Vs Writers

Blogging involves writing, but not all writers are bloggers. A great writer isn’t quite the same as a great blogger. I mean, could you imagine Tolstoy writing ‘how to’ tips for aspiring writers in the twenty-first century?

Copywriters – The Specialists

Professional copy writers aren’t all that hard to find. There are job boards specifically for writers (Upwork,,, but you’ll want to examine them thoroughly to find one who matches your needs. Some writers specialize in marketing copy, technical directions, public relations, or SEO. They can write compelling headlines, tantalizing, copy; they can develop a story, or defend a point of view. Before you hire a content writer or blog writer, find out about their writing experience and background. If you want articles that are humorous and informative, someone with ten years of technical writing experience may not be the right fit.

Bloggers – The Enthusiasts

Successful bloggers tend to have a background in either journalism or creative writing, but that isn’t always the case. Some of the most popular bloggers, like Raelyn Tan, have absolutely zero writing expertise or education, but their copy is fun, relatable, and shareable. Their enthusiasm and passion for blogging makes them very effective at promoting and circulating your blog, but their writing skills (i.e. grammar, punctuation) may not be as strong as a professional writer.

Besides a good writer, there are great editors working freelance as well. An editor can help you polish and refine your content so that it’s error-free. An editor with SEO knowledge is even better because they can also ensure that your blog articles are optimized for higher visibility in search results – keep in mind SEO content performs much better than just content that isn’t specifically optimized for your keywords.

Once you settle on a content writer (or editor) you’ll also need to decide who should handle publishing. Publishing blog articles will require administrative access to your blog (WordPress, Blogger, etc.), which means granting the writer privileged access to your business. Some writers focus on producing copy only, others will write and publish content for you. If you’re looking to shave valuable time off your schedule, you might need a writer who can do it all.

Personality Vs. Expertise

Branding isn’t just your logo or your company slogan. Branding is an integral part of a customer’s experience. Every time someone interacts with your business, you’re conveying an image of your personality as well as your expertise. Some brands succeed by focusing more on one than the other. Coca-Cola wants people to think of their brand as fun. The World Health Organization wants to be recognized for their medical expertise and humanitarian efforts.

If you’ve built your brand based largely on your personality, outsourcing a blog writer for your business might not be the ideal solution. Loyal readers could really be put off if the tone and style of your blog posts suddenly changes. Personal anecdotes that make your content unique will obviously be missing, making your brand less engaging.

On the other hand, if your blog focuses more on sharing your expertise, you could outsource your blog content with someone who shares your level of knowledge. An experienced accountant can provide great advice that isn’t unique to your brand or personality. Of course, you’ll still need to review the content before it’s published, but at least you’ll have someone to share the work load of researching topics, writing, and publishing them.

You Get What You Pay For

Freelance job boards for writers are chock-full of freelancers from a wide range of backgrounds. Most charge mere cents per word, but you may not be thrilled with the results. Professional, experienced bloggers who are in demand can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per article, but there are many aspiring copy writers and aspiring influencers somewhere in the middle. In fact, if you’re a sole business owner, you may be able to leverage your offering to attract an affordable and reliable writer in exchange for exposure, product, or a discount.

Many SEO experts and agencies also provide SEO content writers for their clients, which takes the work out of finding one on your own. An SEO consultant can help you define the tone, topics, keywords and marketing objectives for your blog, which makes it easier to find a suitable blog writer.

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