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What Is The Best Kind Of Language On A Landing Page?

Landing pages are ground zero for many forms of web commerce and internet marketing. A landing page is the online equivalent of a retail showroom with a sales rep who has one chance to make a good first impression. The purpose of the landing page is always to lead to a specific action or decision, […]

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Proud to Share Featured Interview on

Proud to share that I recently got a featured interview over on You can check out the interview here. is one of the larger international freelancing websites out there for IT professionals. Was happy to share some insights into my own freelancing experience and pass along some valuable tips to the next generation […]

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5 Simple On Page Optimization Tips

Understanding on page optimization can help you craft blog articles that rank higher in search results. Want to know how? Improve Your On Page Optimization If you own a blog for business or write regularly as a freelance content writer, on-page SEO is a valuable skill worth studying. Once you learn the critical elements of […]

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Best Practices for Mobile SEO

As Google moves towards a strictly mobile index in the coming months, it seems to be the perfect time for a little overview of mobile SEO best practices.  The techniques mentioned below are as relevant to 2017 as they are to 2018.  That is to say, these techniques will take into consideration, as best as […]

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