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Are you a small business looking for ways to reach more potential customers online? The solution is actually probably in your hands as you read this article, or at least within arm’s reach. I’m talking about your smartphone. Go Where Your Users Are…Mobile Use is Growing! Ever thought about how much time you spend on […]

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6 Mobile SEO Tips for 2017

Optimizing your website for mobile is a must in 2017. Besides entertaining apps, users are looking for solutions, researching businesses and navigating with their smartphones. As smartphones become increasingly integrated into our lives and business, it only makes sense that search engines want to improve the mobile search experience. Smartphones come in varying sizes, with […]

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The End of Mobile Pop-Up Ads

You’ve seen them before: pop-up ads that appear on your screen, unprompted, soliciting your business and siphoning precious seconds from your life as you wait to close the text box. They may last 5 seconds, or 30, but it’s often long enough to be annoying, especially when the ad bears no relevance to your needs […]

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