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TF-IDF is Like a Cheat Code for Keyword Research

Does this sound familiar? That 3,000-word piece of long-form gold you published isn’t ranking or performing. You did the work! You spent hours meticulously researching keywords, and added them to your post perfectly. Still nothing. What do you have to do to impress this fickle algorithm? This happened to us recently and we discovered that […]

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Technical SEO: What Is It and Why Should You Care?

Developing a website — one that generates business results — requires building a solid network of reputable backlinks and publishing a consistent program of user-oriented content. These are two of the most powerful drivers of search engine results page (SERP) rankings. But they depend for their stability and strength on a crucial third aspect of […]

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How to Measure SEO Performance Metrics

So you’ve put a bunch of work in to develop an SEO strategy for you site. You’ve started putting alt tags on all the images, started backlinking from one or two high quality sites, and re-written all the on-page content to optimize it for your niche. Maybe you’ve even gone through and tweaked the URL […]

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Google Analytics Releases Mobile Search Tracking

So last week had the opportunity to talk about the new releases in Google Analytics. Really convenient to have the mobile data pulled into the sidebar like that, kudos to the Analytics team on this one no doubt. I’ve added some insight to the end of the post, but down below is the original post […]

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