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How To Make The Most of Extra Space For Snippet

It’s unofficial: Google has doubled the default length of search result snippets to 320 characters. No announcement. No explanation. It’s just happening. So how does this longer snippet affect the ideal content for your meta description tags? If you’ve been doing your SEO right lately, you have been taking special care of these hidden on-page […]

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How To Make Images Work to Improve SEO

It’s a commonly accepted fact of communication, summed up in an old cliche: A picture is worth a thousand words. That has never been more true than it is now. The key for business owners and marketers is to incorporate the strengths of visual content without losing track of underlying business objectives. Images should contribute […]

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What Is The Best Kind Of Language On A Landing Page?

Landing pages are ground zero for many forms of web commerce and internet marketing. A landing page is the online equivalent of a retail showroom with a sales rep who has one chance to make a good first impression. The purpose of the landing page is always to lead to a specific action or decision, […]

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5 Simple On Page Optimization Tips

Understanding on page optimization can help you craft blog articles that rank higher in search results. Want to know how? Improve Your On Page Optimization If you own a blog for business or write regularly as a freelance content writer, on-page SEO is a valuable skill worth studying. Once you learn the critical elements of […]

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Why Internal Links Are Important

While external links get all the hype in SEO circles, they are merely one half of an effective link strategy. Internal linking is the important other half of an overall link strategy that deserves close attention and execution. From a functional perspective, its sole purpose is to connect one page of your site to another […]

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