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Storefront business owners, online marketers and SEO consultants need to know the difference between keywords and topics. It may seem obvious. It may seem like splitting hairs. But to the self-learning artificial intelligence engines driving search bots around the Internet, it matters. And more importantly, it matters to the human web searcher you want to […]

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What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is changing the way businesses promote their brand online using simple, sincere, peer-to-peer communications that appeal to consumers on a personal level. Entrepreneurs, multi-level-marketers and network marketing models have been implementing the concept of influencer marketing for years, but its popularity online is quickly growing with SEO professionals as a standard for driving […]

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Why Content Marketing Matters to Local SEO

Users Prefer Local Solutions… Local business is rapidly moving to the forefront of Google’s priorities as they search for ways to make local results more relevant. Recent market research conducted in 2016 indicates the following: Almost half of all searches on Google are local (48 per cent) 50 per cent of consumers who conducted a […]

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