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Local Search Directories You Should Know About

Local search continues to be a major SEO topic for 2016 and will continue well into 2017 and beyond. As Google’s search engine refines its algorithm further, SEO experts, marketers and business owners are beginning to realize the advantages of registering with as many local directories as possible. Integrating Google Search and Google Maps, ‘Google […]

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How to Generate Reviews for your Business Online

Getting Noticed in the Digital World of Online Search Results is Getting Harder… Google is increasingly focused on optimizing its local search results and to that end they’ve introduced changes to their algorithm specifically targeted at reducing duplicate content. Penguin 4.0, the most recent upgrade, is a real-time filtering signal processing data from within the […]

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5 Tips on Local SEO for Small Businesses

What Am I Doing Wrong? You’re a dedicated, resourceful, small business owner working relentlessly to build your brand. You’ve got a website and it looks great. You’ve purchased and registered your very own website address, invested in great photos and you’ve been advertising on Facebook and Linkedin every day… So why aren’t you getting the […]

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New Website Finally Launched!

Very proud to announce that the new website officially launched on October 27, 2016. Really was a long time coming as the site was extremely outdated both visually and in terms of optimization, not close to being mobile-friendly and had slowly dissipated in the search engine rankings that I once dominated; simply because I […]

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