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Latest Google Algorithm Update: Google Hummingbird Explained

Late last week there was another official Google update, called the “Hummingbird” update. Google stated that they’ve actually implemented the update around a month ago, so for those that are rushing off to check their rankings, relax as you don’t need to stress nearly as much compared to previous Google updates. In a great FAQ […]

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Great Post Exposing the Myths about SEO

Another great post that is a must read for all business owners who have either invested in SEO at some point or are considering investing into SEO. Check out the full post here: I’ve always preached that: You can’t go too aggressive with anchor text optimization > back in the day (pre Penguin) anchor text […]

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Keeping Your Website’s Content Fresh for SEO

The Internet is growing at an unimaginable rate and is still accelerating. In one minute, 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube and 270,000 words are written on blogger alone. Google indexes billions of new pages every year and billions more are sure to follow. Now, more than ever, businesses must fight this constant […]

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