Google’s BERT Update is Live and There is Literally Nothing to Do

Last week, Google rolled out their biggest update in 5 years and one of the biggest in search history, the BERT update. So, what do you need to do?

Ok, Google. You’ve got our undivided attention. Let’s all sit in a semicircle with our legs crossed and our ears open like good little SEO experts and let Google’s Danny Sullivan tell us what to do to prepare for BERT.

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9 Link Building Myths That Kill Your Campaigns

Here’s the biggest problem you face as a link builder in 2019: Google doesn’t acknowledge that link building works. Even though it very clearly does. This means there is no official rulebook for link building. Link building strategists and SEO consultants get almost zero guidance from Google as to what will boost your clients up the SERPs. You pretty much have to base your decision on observed industry trends, as well as your own data and results.

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